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Jewellery is art, love. Art is, above all, a way of life, as is our jewellery. We create it just for those who are free to indulge in life and enjoy its beauty. Each piece is inspired by the picturesque nature and it is woven with the taste of salt from the wild blue sea, the reflection of the afternoon summer sun, the colour of the cherry blossom in its spring bloom, the raindrops and the scent of the earth they carry. As nature lovers, the materials we use are completely natural and eco-sustainable, from which the process of handmade and finishing creates beautiful and timeless pieces. We produce ethically and sustainably. The metals we use are brass and silver. Our semi-precious stones are from conflict free zones and procured from independent artists from all over the world.

Tilda loves jewellery based in London, with a production studio in Brixton and in the summer in Dubrovnik. We do what was cheerful and we do not follow trends. We are proud to be a brand of slow fashion and thus encourage sustainability and longevity. The founder of TILDA LOVES JEWELLERY is Aida Husejinovic, long-time owner of the traditional TILDA DUBROVNIK Crafts in Zlatarska Street, Dubrovnik.

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